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Brass Electrical & Electronic Components

In engineering and mechanical sectors, the importance of brass made electrical & electronic products are rapidly increasing. The main reason behind this is the outstanding properties of brass such as high strength, ductility and corrosion resistant. Brass Electrical & Electronic Components are used for different kind of applications in automobile, plumbing, construction, power, communication, electrical and many other industries. As these components found their usage in diverse segments, we manufacturer them in different sizes, dimensions, weight, designs and shapes. Different types of Brass Electrical & Electronic Components that are available in our store  comprises Male female Clamp, Hot line Clamp, Brass Electrical Accessories, Brass Electrical Parts and more.

Salient Features:

  • Made up of remarkable quality brass, these electrical & electronic components have long lasting nature.
  • These components are appreciated for their ability to withstand in high electricity load  and disturbances.
  • Some world class features of Brass Electrical & Electronic Components are their corrosion resistant  and noise proof nature.
  • Customers find it easy to install our brass made electrical & electronic items due to their modular designs.